NEXTEREO RECORDS offers a variety of services within the international music industry.Some of these services include:



Professional Record Label

Marketing each of our artists, musicians and bands individually, is one of our main focuses to create public awareness and transform our various brands into household names.








Professional Audio Recordings

Professional CD, Single & Demo recording









Professional Audio Mastering

Professionally master your audio track(s) and preparing them for distribution. There are several considerations in this process: unifying the sound of a record, maintaining consistency across an album, and preparing the track(s) for distribution and radio play.Nextereo Records is part of the very limited and selected few MFit (Mastered for iTunes) providers.








Music Distribution

Nextereo Distribution - the in-house music distribution division, Distributes music and albums physically and digitally to online stores like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play etc.








Music Arrangements (Backtracks)

Whether it's an original or "cover" song. We build/arrange & record professional tracks







Advert & Jingle Recordings

Promote you business by creating the perfect advert/jingle play on the radio, television and social media platforms etc.











Struggling to write your own songs? Let one of our professional songwriters write a song suited for your voice.









Vocal Training

Whether it is to learning how to sing or to enhance your vocal technique. We offer basic to advance vocal training









Music Publishing

Ensure that you as a songwriter and/or composer protect and receive payment for your compositions. Nextereo Publishing - the in house publishing division, can register, distribute your compositions and also collect royalties on your compositions, worldwide. Nextereo Publishing also makes you compositions available for worldwide sync licensing opportunities in film, TV, commercials, video games, and more.







Graphic And Web Designing

We have an in-house graphic & web designing department (NEXTEREO DESIGNS) Let us design your next CD/DVD sleeve, Poster, Banners, Social Media Content etc. They Also specialize in website designs.






Professional Video Editing

Various online platforms such as iTunes strictly requires videos to be in specific formats and sizes. Nextereo Designs - the in house designing division, can professionally edit and convert your videos.









Photo Editing

We have an in-house company (NEXTEREO DESIGNS) which specializes in editing pictures for your next CD cover, posters etc










Artist / Band Social Media Management

We offer a service called Social Media management. Mainly focusing on promoting and managing an artist or bands social media eg. Facebook page, Twitter etc.