Ensure that you as a songwriter and/or composer protect and receive payment for your compositions. Nextereo Publishing - the in house publishing division, can register, distribute your compositions and also collect royalties on your compositions, worldwide. Nextereo Publishing also makes you compositions available for worldwide sync licensing opportunities in film, TV, commercials, video games, and more.

The reason why you as a songwriter need a music publishing company:

When you consider the work done by a music publishing company, the easiest way to look at it is to picture music publishing companies as record labels for songwriters.

Although that is a bit of an oversimplification, as you'll see, our in-house publishing department shares many of the same goals for their songwriters as we have for our artists.

When signing a publishing agreement with our music publishing department, NEXTEREO PUBLISHING will be responsible for ensuring that you as the songwriter and/or composer receive payment when your compositions are used commercially. Through an agreement called a publishing contract, you as the legal songwriter and/or composer "assigns" your copyright of your composition(s) to us. In return we take over the administration of the composition(s) / song(s)  by making deals with songwriters, promoting your compositions to recording artists, musicians and anyone else who may need a song for whatever reason (advertising, a movie, a promotional campaign, etc) and issue licenses for the use of your songs that we represent.  We license your compositions, help to monitor where compositions are used, collect royalties and distribute them to you as the composer. In short we will actively move to make your songs "work harder".


Within these basic functions, you'll find that we will accomplish these goals in a number of different ways. We are extremely hands-on and get involved in everything from the creative process to the promotion. We are devoted to provide feedback to our songwriters on their work, by making suggestions for new directions and matching songwriters up for collaborative efforts that we think may produce interesting results.

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