NEXTEREO RECORDS is a professional record label and recording studio, with more than 15 years of experience within the local and international music industry. We engage in a wide range of functions within the music industry including new artist recruitment and development (known as A&R), music recordings, audio mastering, music publishing, distribution, copyright enforcement etc. a Detailed list of our various services can be found on the Services page. Marketing each of our artists, musicians and bands individually, is one of our main focuses to create public awareness and transform our various brands into household names.

Within NEXTEREO RECORDS we have the following departments:

 A&R - Our A&R (artists and repertoire) department is often considered the gate keepers of NEXTEREO RECORDS. They have a powerful reputation because they have the all-important job of discovering and nurturing new talent. This department  work very hands-on with the artists that we "sign." (When we "sign" an artist, it simply means that the artist makes an exclusive contract with us.) They do everything from assisting with song selection to deciding where the album will be recorded if not recorded at our own recording studio. This  department work as the link between our recording artists and all our other departments.


Art Department - Nextereo Designs: Our art department is in charge of all the artwork that goes along with producing an album. This includes CD cover art, advertisements and displays at music stores. They also focus on designing social media artwork, artist logo's etc.


Artist Development - Our artist development department is responsible for planning the careers of our signed artists. They  promote and publicizes our artists over the course of their career.


Business Affairs - This department deals with the business side of things. It takes care of bookkeeping, payroll and general finances.


Label Liaison - This department serves as the liaison between a distribution company. This department also helps decide when to release an album. (when the album goes on sale to the public)


Legal Department - This department is responsible for all the contracts that are made between the us and an artist, as well as contracts with other companies. Any legal issues that arise go through this department.


Marketing Department - This department creates the overall marketing plan for every album we release. It helps coordinate the plans of the promotion, sales and publicity departments.


New Media - This department is in charge of dealing with the newer aspects of the music business, including producing and promoting music videos for our artists. In addition, this department is often responsible for helping an artist create a presence on the Internet. It deals with the new technologies in which our artists can stream music and music videos through the Internet. They also assist with the website development for our artists.


Promotion Department - This department's main purpose is to make sure that our artists get radio plays. This department must get an artist's new songs on the radio in order to ensure future success. This department makes sure that all the other departments are communicating about the best way to sell our artists to the public. The promotion department may also try to get videos played on TV channels.


Publicity - This department is responsible for getting the word out about a new or established artist. It arranges for articles to be written in newspapers and magazines. They also deal with radio and television coverage of our artists. Many artists also have their own independent publicists who help coordinate publicity with this department as well.


Sales - This department oversees the retail aspects. It works with the record store chains and other music stores to get our new albums onto retailers' shelves.


Music Distribution - Nextereo Distribution: This department ensures that our brand's music is available on digital stores like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play etc.


Publishing Department - This department is responsible for ensuring that our songwriters and/or composers receive payment when their compositions are used commercially. They will take over the administration of the composition(s) / song(s)  by making deals with songwriters, promoting compositions to recording artists, musicians and anyone else who may need a song for whatever reason (advertising, a movie, a promotional campaign, etc) and issue licenses for the use of songs that we represent.



NEXTEREO RECORDS harbors a strong passion for Music and always brings you TOMORROW'S MUSIC, TODAY...