NEXTEREO DISTRIBUTION is the music distribution division within NEXTEREO RECORDS, a professional record label and recording studio, with more than 15 years of experience within the local and international music industry. We are both global and locally-focused with a cleverly formed business partnership in New York, USA. This partnership enables us to take the various professional services we provide to our artist and label partners to the next level reach their music fans and customers, worldwide.
Sony Music Entertainment combined its regional independent distribution groups around the world into Nextereo Distribution's partner, and its various teams united as one single global team, delivering our artist and label partners music to leading global and local retailers.

The joining of Sony Music comes at a time of accelerated international growth for Nextereo Distribution. It allows better royalty services, automated User generated claiming, retail sales, marketing, brand development, digital advertising, sync licensing and YouTube channel and video monetization. Performance rights collections worldwide is further complimented by experienced globally oriented music professionals.


Why would you want to pay a substantial amount of money with other music distribution companies for every album submission, digital bar-code and unique ISRC. Wouldn't it be more wise to spend those money to rather market your product? NEXTEREO DISTRIBUTION operates on a humble revenue split and in return provide our artist and label partners with UNLIMITED FREE - ALBUM SUBMISSIONS, DIGITAL BARCODES AND ISRC's. Our workstation provides convenient all-genre, worldwide or specified territory selection album and video submissions. We also provide our clients with the ability to pitch their new releases to Apple/iTunes. Apart from delivering professional digital and physical music distribution, we also provide a wide variety of powerful exclusive services to our artist and label partners. a Detailed list of these services can be found in our EXCLUSIVE SERVICES page.

We also have a Southern African office, which delivers physical album distribution to various music retailers in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

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